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May 17, 2017by daniele0

“Brick and Beam” (B&B) building is the term used to describe adaptive re-use of the old industrial brick and heavy timber buildings constructed in the late 1800s and early 1900s into unique work or living environments. There are low to mid-rise buildings from three to nine stories. The exterior usually have architecturally detailed facades, the interior feature high ceilings, exposed structural wood beams and columns, sandblasted brick walls, hardwood floors, and exposed forged metal connectors and mechanical systems.

Companies that strive for creativity and inspiration are often attracted to B&B offices for its ability to host stimulating space. These buildings are now fully updated with the latest modern technology and amenities wit clients in telecommunication and information technology, business, and professional services, media and the entertainment industry.

Read more about who wants these spaces the most and what it means for Toronto’s corporate real estate market.




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