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March 7, 2019by ginoebscm0

While it’s found in many parts of the world, the marble most readily available in North America is quarried in the mountains above Carrara, a town in northern Tuscany. The three most common types of White Italian marble are Carrara, Calacatta, and Statuario. Each of these marbles is unique  so we highly recommend closely inspecting slabs individually as no two are alike.

Carrara – Less Expensive, Gray Field, Gray feathery veining

Calacatta – More Expensive, Bright white, thick veins, many color variations (gold, brown, gray)

Statuario – More Expensive,Bright white, thinner and darker veining, less color variations

Admittedly this elegance and beauty does come at a price as marble is a high maintenance, high reward option but sometimes these guilty pleasures are exactly what you need.


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